GLOBALG.A.P is a voluntary implementation protocol, developed by the group EUREP - Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group, which had as its primary goal the recognition of the significant progress made by many producers in the development and implementation of agricultural systems, taking into account good agricultural practices, minimizing adverse impacts to the environment and worker protection.

Until the year 2007, the standard was named EUREPGAP, but given its international expansion, the name was changed to GLOBALG.A.P. in September of the same year. GLOBALG.A.P is a manual for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP - Good Agricultural Practices), that establishes a set of technical standards, which can be implemented on farms, in order to differentiate products, benefiting producers and organizations that have concerns about the environmental impact of this activity. Producers that combine protection techniques and integrated production with practical health and safety, ensure long-term sustainability of the agricultural activity.

The principles of GLOBALG.A.P scheme are based on the following concepts:

  • Food Safety: general principles of HACCP
  • Environmental Protection: Good Agricultural Practices of Environmental protection, in order to minimize the negative impacts of Agricultural Production in the Environment
  • Health, Hygiene and Workers’ Safety: as well as the awareness and responsibility in social matters
  • Animal Welfare (when applicable)

The GLOBALG.A.P certification can be obtained by:

  • A single producer
  • An organization of producers that establishes uniform rules for all products


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