Social Innovation

Social responsibility begins "inside" the company. The role of business in society has been changing in the past few years, abandoning or complementing the logic of consumers’ patronage for innovative projetcts embedded right in the center of enterprises’ business activity. 

Companies have nowadays an important social responsibility. Therefore they should act as promoters of sustainable development of the societies where they fit. This responsibility should integrate social concerns on a personal and community level. The management of relationships with stakeholders (employees, customers, society and others), based on ethics, transparency and respect, is essential in order that a company can aspire to create value in an increasingly competitive and demanding market. Establishing a commitment to society, contributing in a sustainable way to the construction and development of it, is an excellent example.

CONSULAI has developed innovative projects associated with local sustainability in order to enhance cultural, environmental and social heritage in interconnection with the activity of the companies that promote it, reinforcing its leadership in the industry and in general society.





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