Sustainability Management

Sustainability management transforms the concept of sustainability in management tools that can be measured and simulated. Sustainability as a concept results from a strong interconnection between the environmental, social (needs of present and future generations) and economic vectors.The balanced management of these vectors allows maintaining a system for an indetermined period without consuming resources, while maintaining economic viability.Creating, simultaneously, the necessary conditions to ensure the needs of present and future generations.

CONSULAI has, over the past few years, developed a set of skills that allows you to diagnose, sensitize and train not only your employees but also the suppliers in order to develop tools targeted for resouces reduction and business efficiency. What is measured is managed. The implementation of new practices or sustainable management systems is not the end of sustainable responsibility. It is the first step. The monitoring of these actions, through the incorporation of new techniques and new scientific and technical knowledge, is also an integral part of CONSULAI’s commitment to this field.

Examples of some products that may have their origin in the sustainability management:

  • Sustainable development strategy
  • Assessment and monitoring of environmental impacts, such as carbon footprint or water footprint
  • Low carbon plans
  • Sustainability reports


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