Internationalization Strategy

Export turns out to be an obvious answer for many entrepreneurs to face the challenges that are currently present in national markets. The search for opportunities to grow through differentiation, to achieve higher profit margins  and to develop a strong partnership within the export market, leading business to an international perspective, are some of the factors that should be considered to define an export strategy for products.

Before setting the strategic approach to the market, it is important to make a business diagnosis in its different characteristics to reduce the risk of making wrong decisions that may lead to compromising actions. Note that a company’s internationalization is usually a decision that costs money and, if not successful, it may jeopardize the entire business. One should therefore carry out a careful diagnosis of the export potential, which may involve the assessment of the following:

  • Products’ portfolio
  • Skills and abilities
  • Analysis of the competitiveness
  • Critical success factors and competitive advantages
  • SWOT analysis




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