Pedro Falcato

Pedro Falcato has as degree in Agroindustrial Engineering from Instituto Superior de Agronomia and he is also a manager and founding partner of CONSULAI. He is currently responsible for the commercial management of the company.

After deciding to leave his functions in the Department of Production and Food Safety of the icecream factory IGLO - OLÁ, from the UNILEVER group, he took over, in 2001, CONSULAI’s commercial management, having held this position until the year 2009, in conjunction with the technical responsibility on some reference projects.

In 2010 he interrupted his full time dedication to CONSULAI to lead the general Direction of TERRA PREMIUM, a company established to internationalise traditional Portuguese gourmet products of a consortium of producers from different regions of Portugal.

In 2012 he returned to assume new functions in CONSULAI, contributing decisively to the development of the companies’ new business fields, such as ​​Markets and Internationalization and consolidating the company as a reference in the elaboration of New Product Development projects, fact recognized through the winning of the award BES-Innovation in the Agroindustrial category, with the Olive oil for Spreading project – Olive oil texturing.

In 2013, framed in the process of internationalization of Fruits, Vegetables and Portuguese Flowers’ sectors, he led CONSULAI’s technical team in Portugal Fresh’s - Association for the promotion of fruit, vegetables and flowers - internationalization initiatives.  This was one of the most professional and personal enriching projects that he has ever assumed. 

A qualification postgraduation in Management and Information Technology in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors from INDEG, which he attended during the years 2002 and 2003, brought him several skills that he has applied over the first decade in CONSULAI’s activity. The postgraduation in Management & Business Consulting from ISEG, which he attended during the years 2012 and 2013, brought him increased skills that will be applied in the future to support the growth of CONSULAI in Portugal and also its internationalization.

"Fortune favours the bold" is a thought that will certainly continue to be present in his day-to-day, allowing him to continue to be bold and be protected by luck, in order to continue to assist CONSULAI’s activity development in the coming years!