Sustainable Development

Mission, Vision and Values


  • To be the preferential partner in creating corporate value to companies of the food, agribusiness, agriculture and forestry sectors in Portugal and in portuguese speaking countries.  


  • In a scenario of demographic growth worldwide, consumption patterns changes, accelerated technological development and climate change with impacts on the sustainability of natural resources, the sectors of agri-industrial, agricultural, forestry and agri-food assume a globally enhanced strategic importance, creating unique opportunities for all agents involved. CONSULAI, through a competent, innovative and highly skilled staff, aims to become the leading company, so that it can, together with its customers, explore and seize the opportunities that these changes will bring. 


  • Innovation
  • Credibility
  • Rigor



CONSULAI started its activity on the 22nd of March 2001 as a result of the will of a group of graduates who undertook a technology based project in 1999. 

Since then, CONSULAI has become the largest consulting company in the agri-food, agricultural and forestry sectors in Portugal, basing its actions on long-term relationships with customers by responding to their needs and enhancing their competitiveness in the market, quality of products and economic results through its recognized values: innovation, credibility and rigor.

CONSULAI has since October 2007 the Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001, in the ambit of consultancy, design and training services in the agri-food, agribusiness and agricultural sectors. 

It is also certified as a training provider, recognized by DGERT, as a competent entity to deliver quality training.



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This is our latest corporate video. Summarizes in a few minutes our identity and our services.



Marco Pires
Makro Cash & Carry Portugal SA

"The CONSULAI team is a strong partner, who combines technical knowledge with exemption, character and transparency"

José Cordeiro
Auchan Portugal

"Reliable companions in the difficult task of ensuring food safety and quality"

Pepe Gonzalez Ocaña
Olivais dos Sul

“Dynamic and vision to look into the future together as a great team”

Jason de Sain
Grupo Vitacress Portugal

“CONSULAI has grown into a reputable and trustworthy consulting team over the past years where the insight knowledge and advice has played its role in Vitacress, maintaining its high standards in food safety and quality”

Paulo Pimentel
Dardico, SA

"Leadership, trust, professionalism, all this and much more is in CONSULAI"

Miguel Soares
NOS Cinemas, SA

"CONSULAI is partners with NOS Cinemas, which has over recent years developed a professional relationship of excellent quality, having helped implementing the management system and food safety of the company and obtain its respective certification (ISO 22000:2005). This work required a large capacity and flexibility of communication, which we have had over the last few years where the technical knowledge of CONSULAI’s team conveyed in a simple and effective way, providing a very professional service with availability and unmatched dedication"

Luís Vasconcellos e Souza
Agromais, SA

"CONSULAI is an organization that can better combine competence and pragmatism"

André Pozza
Syngenta Ibéria

"In a dynamic market, companies must be prepared to respond quickly to market demands. Relying on business partners that have this capability is critical to the success of any project. For me this is one of CONSULAI’s great strengths: its ability to respond to customers needs in a quickly and personalized way. It is a consulting model that does not have a closed (or ready) package where the customer has to adapt their needs to it. On the contrary, it seeks to truly adapt the service to the customer’s needs, without losing the critical sense to challenge us with new ideas"

Clara Roque do Vale
Monte da Capela

"A young, dynamic and very competent team"

Barbara Remédios
Telepizza, SA

"With a team where youth plays for, by dynamism, flexibility and positive attitude, CONSULAI meets these and many other essential aspects in consulting service, such as knowledge, commitment and empathy created with the customer, providing tailor-made solutions, where professionalism and rigor are always guaranteed"

António Silvestre Ferreira
Herdade Vale da Rosa

"Having nowadays a young and very professional team with remarkable commitment, cannot be just luck"

Luís Duarte
Herdade dos Grous

"I characterize CONSULAI as a dynamic and professional team with a strong motivation for the fulfillment of objectives and deadlines in the implementation of the proposed services"

Cristina Ribeiro
Grupo SGS

"CONSULAI is formed by a dynamic and young spirited team focused on the needs of its clients"




  • Participation in an international project in the Sustainability field of knowledge
  • 20 HR


  • Office expansion
  • Implementation of the 1st certification according to the standard PAS 2050 (Carbon footprint) in Portugal
  • Distinction as SME Excellence
  • Partners in launching the 1st Portuguese Post-Graduation in Agribusiness
  • 16 HR


  • First project in Angola
  • Distinction as SME Leader
  • Facebook page creation
  • 15 HR


  • 1st workshop organized by CONSULAI, on sustainability and carbon in the agrifood sector
  • Entrance in the BCSD as members
  • 13 HR


  • Creation of the Terra Premium project
  • 11 HR


  • Office facilities relocation to Centro de Congressos de Lisboa
  • 9 HR


  • Obtainment of Accreditation in training by DGERT
  • BES Innovation Award in the agribusiness with the oil texturing project
  • 7 HR


  • Obtainment of the certification according to the standard NP EN ISO 9001
  • 6 HR


  • API Capital Innovation Award in 2006 with the 80g project
  • 5 HR


  • Project NEOTEC of fresh cut fruit


  • Recruiting  CONSULAI’s first employee
  • 4 HR


  • First autonomous office
  • 2 HR


  • First project in Brazil


  • Formal constitution of the company


  • Participation in Iberoeka Forum (Brazil)


  • Creation of CONSULAI under the Encouragement of Small and Medium Enterprises with technologic bases (ICPME)


santos  falcato  rui  mira 

Pedro Santos

Managing Director

Pedro Falcato

Sales Director

Rui Almeida

Operations Director

Luís Mira


santos falcato rui mira

Pedro Santos

Managing Director

Pedro Falcato

Sales Director

Rui Almeida

Operations Director

Luís Mira